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Ag Expert Field Manager Pro - Field & Crop Management

Use Field Manager PRO Desktop on your PC to keep records, compare crop plans, run crop projections and generate reports. Take Field Manager PRO Mobile to the field to review and enter information, which can be easily transferred from your handheld to your office computer with one quick synchronization.

Keep track of all of your field and crop details

  • Enter all of your operations and observation: planting, fertilizing, tillage, pest control, harvest, soil test, weather, etc.
  • Customize your input lists: seeds, fertilizers, pesticides
  • Manage your suppliers: equipment and labour lists/li>
  • Manage your inventory and storage locations/li>
  • Track your sales and purchases/li>

This program allows you to make more money by planting crops based on the most profitable scenario. Setting up financial plans by entering fixed and variable costs, and estimating your projected yield and commodity process, you can analyze different crop plans and run crop projections

  • Create multiple farm plans to easily compare different scenarios
  • See how different combinations of strategies could affect your business

Field Manager PRO will generate numerous record keeping and analysis reports providing you a clear picture of your field production history. You can customize reports with as much or as little details as you needs. These reports include

  • Storage summary
  • Crop Insurance
  • Equipment Usage
  • Field summary
  • Profit/loss by crop and field
  • Seeding history
  • Pesticide use
  • Fertilizer/nutrient applications
  • Sales and inventory
  • Chemical and crop rotations
  • Soil tests
  • Input usage
  • seed, fertilizer and chemical
  • Harvest/yield history
  • Field scouting activities (weed, disease, insect, etc)

This software provides an accurate inventory of the individual crop amounts you have on hand. When you harvest, sell or adjust a crop, your inventory on hand is adjusted accordingly to keep an accurate running balance of the current amount and the record will show up in this list. If you are interested in Field Manager PRO or have some questions/comments, feel free to call Mary Jo anytime at (306) 722-3884.