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Remember the bookkeeper!

Wheatland Accounting offers full bookkeeping service to our clients! Whether you are using our service or that of a family member, here are some tips that will save your bookkeeper time and you money.

  • Use one bank account/credit card for farm business and another for personal
  • Attempt to pay all expenses by cheque (or debit card) or farm business credit card and deposit all sales into the farm bank. It is possible to balance bank accounts and credit cards to the records to determine if everything is accounted for, but that is not possible to do with expenses paid by cash or income taken in cash.
  • Write on deposit slips what each item is for, and staple the deposit slip to all the income receipts associated with the deposit, for the bookkeeper
  • Use the memo part of your cheque to describe what expense is being paid
  • Be sure receipts that are paid are marked paid.
  • Have one central location for keeping receipts until they are recorded in your records.
  • For purpose of farm programs be sure that the physical quantity of grain, livestock and forage sales and purchases are recorded on the receipts.
Regardless who is doing the books, these steps will improve accuracy. For family bookkeepers it will reduce stress and improve relationships and when we do the books it will save us time and you money. (Sounds like a win/win!)